In web-programming, I specialize in framework-less applications with minimal library dependencies for use in business, science, and entertainment.
  • Environments: PHP, Node.js, C++/FastCGI
  • Business and scientific appplications: web applications, Websocket realtime applications, APIs, data exchange and conversion, media presentations and web-based animations
  • Games and media: animation and game programming, Canvas (pixi.js), WebGL (three.js), shader programming


In systems programming, I'll work with you to develop or extend custom applications on Linux server platforms and on micro-controllers.
  • Environments: C/C++, Node.js
  • Linux-based server environments: custom daemons, data interchange services, automation, API servers
  • MCUs: ESP8266 and ESP32 embedded firmwares, other Arduino platforms


In games programming, I can help you with custom C/C++ codebases (other languages, too) to implement a variety of features.
  • Environments: C/C++, OpenGL, HLSL
  • Game servers and network code, infrastructure services, data storage, blockchain integration, user account management, load balancing
  • Game code: custom C/C++ projects, Unreal Engine customization, conversion and art pipeline tooling, shader programming, gameplay programming, UI programming

About Me

I have been writing programs since I was 10 years old, starting out with BASIC and Assembly on the C64 and Amiga. My background includes a variety of programming languages and architectures. These days my work happens mostly on C++, PHP, and JavaScript. I have an academic background in bio informatics, bio-medical research, and a lot of experience writing business appplications. I enjoy participating in game jams like Ludum Dare. Overall I'm an allrounder who likes both exploratory programming and deep work.
  • Programming style: minimal dependencies, avoid frameworks where feasible, flat class hierarchies or even no OOP at all, preference for working on custom codebases
  • Freelancing: I am available for remote projects and occasional in-person meetings. My daily rate is 640€.